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 Viora V20

"Revolutionising Skin: Unveiling the Viora V20 IPL Machine - Your Path to Timeless Radiance"

Skin Tightening

Viora V20 employs IPL technology to diminish facial aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots by stimulating collagen and enhancing cell renewal, resulting in a more youthful and radiant complexion. 

Acne Reduction

Viora IPL is a non-invasive, safe acne treatment that effectively combats P. Acne bacteria, reducing inflammation and blemishes while preserving surrounding skin tissue through the production of reactive oxygen.

Colour Correction

A non-invasive solution for skin discolourations on the face, neck, and decolletage. In just one treatment, it provides dual-wavelength rejuvenation for sun-damaged skin and activates anti-aging cells. .

Stimulates Collegen and Elatsin

Non-invasive IPL treatment enhances skin elasticity through collagen and elastin growth by directing light energy into skin layers. It minimizes imperfections, like pigmentation and redness, for a youthful appearance, while also yielding firmer skin and smaller pores.

Redness and Caplieries

Say goodbye to facial redness! IPL and laser treatments can effectively reduce broken capillaries and redness, including those around the nose and from rosacea. Regain a smoother, even skin tone with these treatments.


Targets age spots, sun damage, red spots, and rosacea by destroying excess melanin-producing cells, resulting in smoother, firmer, and more even skin. Maintenance can be done monthly and skin care is vital. Viora IPL is also suitable for body skin rejuvenation. Contact us for a personalized treatment plan.

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