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Welcome to Skin Secrets Dermal & Laser "where science meets beauty"


I opened this business in August 2010 it was my first baby. It consumed me, and I put so much research and love into the business. I wanted to offer treatments that would change & correct the skin. I wanted to offer skincare that was Australian, toxic ingredient free, chirally corrected and ingredients based. 


I kept saying the mantra “If you build it, they will come!” 


And come they have. What an amazing journey. I love sharing Beauty Secrets, connecting with people and correcting skin and skin conditions. November 2023 Beauty Secrets was Rebranded Skin Secrets Dermal & Laser.


We have state of the art equipment, and latest technology’s and devices. My passion is getting results for my clients. Having a in-salon treatment once a month, and using prescribed active ingredient skincare achieves the optimal results. We are partnered with Ocosmedics, and their skincare changes skin. It has to be prescribed through a clinic as the percentage of active ingredients are higher then what any department store is able to sell in Australia. 


We treat all sorts of skin conditions and concerns. Sensitivity, rosacea, dermatitis, pigmentation, acne, ageing, tightening and lifting. 


We offer virtual skin consultations, and online prescriptions to get you on track and onto prescribed actives. 


We offer skin tightening and lifting treatments on the face and body. 


We offer laser hair reduction 


Advanced Dermapen treatments 


HIFU- high intensity focused ultrasound 

Amazing facelift treatments. So many people are loving this treatment. Some are having it twice a year, instead of having injectables. Gives a fresher more natural tighter lifted look, that works with your skin, gets your shin performing like it used to. Instead of freezing it for months, years on end with toxic ingredients that dissolve into your blood stream over time. 


IPL Skin Rejuvenation for face, neck, décolletage & hands. Amazing results 


LED light therapy for skin rejuvenation 


Lipo laser for body contouring 


Infrared sauna for relaxation and restoring 


Chirrally corrected peels 


Ingredient based makeup application and sales. That’s right, makeup that is good for your skin, that supports it and protects it. A lot of makeup contains toxic ingredients, which is harmful to the body, and causes free radical damage. 

We have an amazing team of Beauty Therapists who are educated and keep up with latest education and knowledge. We love learning about the skin and skincare, and how we can help people with their skin. We have a combined 22 years in this industry knowledge and experience and we are here to assist you every step of the way to your skin health goals. 


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