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O-Rejuv Facial Device

SKU: 00R34
Introducing the newest member of the O Cosmedics family, the O-Rejuv Facial Device! O-Rejuv is the ultimate home-care system designed to lift, firm, tone and detoxify the skin. This compact, non-invasive, multifunctional device works by combining thermal massage, low-level EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology and LED therapy to stimulate the skin�s micro-circulation and oxygenate for healthier blood flow and nutrient delivery resulting in glowing, toned, healthy skin.
Mode 1: Collagen & Elastin - Red LED
Mode 2: Clear & Purify - Blue LED
Mode 3: Lift & Firm - Low-Level EMS
Mode 4: Tone & Plump � Optional Massage Mode
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